Rates & Services

What is a cuddle service? It is where we cuddle and hold each other, experience and enjoy the feel of being held. It is a safe space to be able to either just cuddle and be held silently or if you wish we can talk about any topic, talk about your feelings and give you a safe space to feel true intimacy with another person without the sexual elements many associate with intimacy.

This service is available to both men and women


Cuddle Session – One on One

Cuddle sessions give you the opportunity to cuddle, and be held and enjoy the feel of touch, intimacy and communication in a safe environment. It is non sexual, there is no nudity just the benefits of touch.

30 minute session $60

45 minute session $80

60 minute session $100

90 minute session $130


The Overnight Cuddle is is most enjoyable for those who have attended at least a minimum 1 hour cuddle session. It is a minimum 7 hour session but if you wish it to be longer please let me know and we can see what we can arrange.
overnight session:      $450


All cuddle services are non sexual. If you are after a sexual services please click here for further information

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