Cuddle Party Australia – Facebook Page

Sensual Healing – Cuddle Party – Australia

Krissy Smith – BBW Escort

Cuddles With Krissy – Benefits of Cuddling

Snuggle Science: Why cuddling is good for your health – Taryn Hillin

The Science Of Snuggling: 7 Incredible Benefits Of Cuddling – Amanda Chatel

7 Health Benefits of Cuddling – Kat Mill

Cuddling: If It Wasn’t Obvious Already, Here’s Why You Should Be Doing It – Mikey D

Cuddling Is So Important, It May Be Worth Paying For – Pamela Regan Ph.D

No sex please, we’re just cuddling strangers – Michael Lallo

The 8 benefits of cuddling for couples that will surprise you. – Mamamia

The Science behind Cuddling – Australian National Review

Top Escorts & Brothels –


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